We took that great leap for the good of woman-kind, and traveled to the moon and back to find a solution for your stylish, clumsy ass. Moon Mousse is an all-natural formula that repairs and restores broken makeup.

Moon Mousse™ Magic Makeup Repair Kit
  • Face and Makeup Friendly

    Our formula kisses your skin and doesn't harm your precious makeup pigments. 

  • Patent Pending Formula

    Moon Mousse is one of a kind and the first ever! Makeup lovers rejoice! 

  • Plant Based

    Our all-natural ingredients are scientifically proven to have beneficial effects when used topically on the body.

  • Multiple Uses

     Works on multiple products like eyeshadows, foundations, bronzers, blushes, cream shadows, highlighters and more!

Why Mousse?

When dispensed, Moon Mousse™ has an airy, light consistency that allows our product to work its way into the broken product and ensure even distribution throughout the pan for optimal results.

Moon Mousse Makeup Repair Kit

Moon Mousse™ is infused with all natural ingredients that smell like a damn relaxing, calming night to chill you out as you start the resurrection procedure. Our magical formula will not alter the texture or pigment of your makeup.

Moon Mousse Makeup Repair Kit

    Total of four universal presses to give you maximum control. Designed specifically to fit any standard market-sized pan or powder compact. Two sizes on each end. 

    Moon Mousse Makeup Repair Kit

See How It Works

Dont like reading instructions? Watch the tutorial.

Watch The Making Of Moon Mousse

We've all been there...broken makeup happens.