Moon Mousse is a boutique company, founded and operated in Los Angeles by Barbara, Tess and Pico. Moon Mousse prides itself on providing a locally sourced, small-batch hand-made, quality products. Tess, Barbara and Pico possess the right amount of creativity, book smarts and street smarts that allowed them to bring Moon Mousse from conception to reality.


Barbara always had an eye for design and a desire to create quality products that are also healthy and enjoyable. Among Barbara’s more successful ventures were owning an organic ice cream business in San Francisco, before using her talents as a chemist to carve out a name for herself as owner of one of the most successful, and delicious, flavors of e-liquid on the market.

 Seeing how her product helped people choose a healthier alternative, it should come as no surprise that Barbara threw herself into the research and development phase of Moon Mousse, conducting countless experiments in her pursuit of the perfect product which would serve as the alternative to the only other fix on the market (one that is proven to be detrimental to the health of the users). Barbara’s determination paid off, as seen by the out- of-world resulting product.

Co-Owner/ Creative Director

While Barbara has an eye for design and chemistry, Tess has the patience for all that other boring, necessary day-to-day business stuff. With a background in corporate finance and accounting, Tess is comfortable being at the helm of operations after working  for a number of prominent production and apparel companies at the highest level.

 With an eye for efficiency and ease of use and while working with Barbara to perfect the formula, Tess was also looking for the most efficient way to use the product, and to her frustration there was simply nothing on the market. Undeterred, Tess designed her own to use in their experiments and the Moon Mousse team quickly decided that they didn’t want their customers using their product without the correct tools either. Thus, Moon Mousse went from a stand-alone product to a kit that ensures the easiest possible experience for the consumer.

Co-Owner/ Director of Operations

Pico built her strong character living on the mean streets of Los Angeles before being swooped up by some local do-gooders. Sensing her fun-loving, street-dwelling days were behind her, Pico conceded that it would be best to just join them. Pico keeps the Moon Mousse team grounded and focused… and she also very much enjoys naps.

 Director of Downtime and Naptime